Keep your story straight.

Fablehenge is a new way of managing your story.

Eliminate the noise that interferes with actually writing. Track your character relationships, reorganize your outline, and manage your drafts — all from a single fast and delightful interface.

Try Fablehenge today and never get lost in your own story again.

Manage Characters,

Settings & More

Build profiles with key characteristics, motivations, and image references. Tag characters in scenes so your notes are just a click away.

Keep Track

of Relationships

Friends? Enemies? It's complicated? Related tags help you track relationships between characters.



Write on an airplane, at the beach, or while camping — no internet connection required. Your work is stored locally in your browser and synced in the background when you're back online.

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Tags keep your notes handy

Fablehenge allows you to track your characters, settings, and plot elements, and how they relate to each other and to your scenes.

What kind of writer are you?

Outline, discovery write, or mix the two. Our designed interface lets you quickly create and organize scenes without interrupting your flow.

Hit the ground running
with tag templates.

Get your ideas rolling with over 80 customizable templates, with thousands of prompts to build characters, settings, and more.

Advanced AI features
save time and boost creativity.

Auto-generate an outline based on a plot summary. Create reference images for your characters and settings. (Available with Pro plan, coming soon.)