About Fablehenge

Fablehenge Mission

To enable authors to focus on doing what they do best.

Fablehenge began as a hobby project during the pandemic, when Dusty (half of our founding team) became seriously interested in fiction writing and needed a better tool to keep his worldbuilding notes organized.

We set out to build the app we wanted to use.

After over four years of testing and iteration, we're excited to be able to share a full-featured writing platform, designed to help you stay in your flow, with your notes at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Fablehenge Values


In our code, author experience, and our authors' greatest works.


In our messaging, our vision, and most importantly, the manuscripts on our platform.


For the developers creating our software, the authors using it, and the readers of your finished stories.

About the Team

Jennifer Phillips graduated with a degree in English and loves to code. Dusty Phillips studied computer science and loves to write. Like their marriage, Fablehenge grew from these two shared passions. They live in New Brunswick, Canada where long winters permit plenty of time for both programming and writing.

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