Fablehenge gives you all the tools you need to craft your story.


Edit your manuscript, track your rsearch tasks, manage your notes, and process feedback all right at your fingertips.



Write a title and short summary for each scene.

Easily filter to see only scenes with a specific tag, or scenes with outstanding to-dos.

Use secret scenes (shown with dotted border) to keep notes that are for your own reference, not for publication.


Drag & Drop

Drag & drop to reorder scenes and chapters.


Card View

Card view shows your outline at a glance.

Drag & drop cards to reorganize.



Keep track of character traits, who is in which scene, plot goals, and more.

Add as many characteristics and as much detail about your tag as you like. Document everything about a character, from their hair and eye colour to their hobbies and pet peeves. We have some suggested characteristics to get you started, but this is all about your imagination. Fablehenge just wants to help you keep track of it.

Add Tags to Scenes

Quickly see which tags are in your current scene.

Add tags to scenes

Related Tags

Not only can you link tags to scenes, you can link tags to each other!

Create a tag relationship with a short description; the description is shown on hover.

Related Tags

Add To-dos

Writing along and think of something you need to do, but don't want to interrupt your flow?

Add a todo. It will create a reminder at that point in the text.

Check it off, and it's automatically checked off in the text too.

Add to-dos